To lead by innovating and analysing consumer needs and competition to formulate the best products.


To become the leader in the herbal brand market and be the first choice of customers.


The world over, people are moving towards greener products. They have realised the ill- effects that products with chemicals can cause and this fear is reflecting in a change in their choices. Bio Cline is committed to offering household care and skin care products made from natural products that are both safe and effective.


We don’t just make tall claims about our products; every single product is tested by a Government approved lab and certified. Consumers can be assured of safety as they are welcome to verify the lab report. Every product has been researched, developed and tested by renowned scientists and technicians. Bio Cline selects high quality herbs and these are processed into herbal products at a state- of-art-plant. The company was founded by S. Prabakaran in 2012 and he dreamt of bringing health and happiness into every home with herbal products. He started this in association with the Periyar Technology Business Incubator at Periyar Maniammai University. BioCline has a well-equipped plant that uses the latest technology to manufacture products. The best quality raw material is carefully selected by experts, processed and used to manufacture high quality herbal products. This is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company and there are stringent quality checks at every level to ensure that customers get the very best. The R&D wing constantly works on innovative products. Our team is young and energetic and we have a good relationship with our customers. We promptly respond to them and lead them onto the beautiful life, the Bio Cline life.